Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ABS sale at hautelook

50% OFF!! 50% OFF!!!  everything is half off-- really.
i was confused by above--+ the time limit makes me feel crazy and anxious, so i went with my gut, tore my eyes away, and clicked away to this little gold/mossy number--which is practically free--

in fashion world, isn't $63 for ABS 'party dress'  pure frugality ?
i looked at the marc jacobs sale on GILT (yes i first typed GUILT ) and 50% off $1500 isn't working on me today.  plus it seemed like a hoax.  dresses not meant for real-life people.
**the joe's jeans sale was really incredible on hautelook--and i was like a day late.  they had 4!! styles of the 31" inseam jeans for the "petite ladies" and they were all WAY less (more than 50% off) than when i see them in real life.  maybe one can really be this genius shopper online.  immediate gratification is sacrificed though, since it seems everything today is promised by like 1/14/10.

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  1. Yeah I can't handle the unreasonable shipping estimates either...that's why I'm a Revolve whore...if only Shopbop also had free returns...

    If I don't see me at rehearsal today you'll know why...