Friday, November 20, 2009

void void void, post party chasm

house suddenly empty---from 11 (cool people) to 1 (moi) in mere seconds.  me not good with suddden transition.  fiilled void with chocolate-seul.  (like drinking seul--feel bad after, but dulls pain quick)


  1. wow, beautiful cake! be proud of yourself for hosting soiree complete with fancy cake platter. ooh la la!!!

  2. i was too tired to even put frosting on it... it wasn't a soiree, that's sounds fancy; it was more like a casual mixer where i put chemicals together and shake, see what happens---Worlds Collide. yes, i just called friends chemicals.
    hey, isn't it your birthday, chibi? (what's "chibi" btw? should i know ??)

  3. wiki it - i'm pretty sure the first definition was the original intention :>