Sunday, November 15, 2009

this is good.

i have to say this is really amazing.  i know everyone says "amazing" to describe everything, but i mean it--i was *amazed*.  i typically use cheapo shampoo.  in my shower right now i have dove, FINESSE (the smell reminds me of junior high--wait, i hated jr. high..), this apple conditioner "knotty girl" (for kids), and this organic "hemp" conditioner from a phase when i thought i should go au naturel.  anyway, recently i stayed at a hotel (whoa, was it in stockholm--no wonder it's amazing) and got all these malin+goetz freebies. i didn't even use the shampoo mini until recently cuz i forgot about it.  it is UH-MAZING.  you don't even need conditioner; it is a miracle. (so it's like two in one, a deal.)  i just saw it on amazon and want to buy it, but i just made a vague frugality vow recently... i want to travel.  but i also want shiny hair.  is hair that important?  i mean, just because i  found a great shampoo doesn't mean i need to use it.  i can just recommend it wholeheartedly to you and say Best Wishes! Enjoy!! ...and then resent you for your beautiful, shiny hair... and then i'll go to paris later, with damaged grody hair, be horrified at my hag-like appearance, then run out and desperately buy Kérastase Bain #2,(incroyable, mais trop trop chèr--c'est immorale) which i will pay for in francs, so it won't really register that i just spent $35 on 5.5 oz...quel disaster..  of course.... MALIN+GOETZ IS ONLY 20 BUCKS...


  1. beeyotch, now i want!

  2. HAHA!!! (no really, i'm not kidding. and you have short hair, so you can use sparingly for like MONTHS)

  3. the REAL problem is, if their shampoo is this good, can i safely extrapolate that their other stuff is also extraordinary... no, i'm sure it's not.