Saturday, November 21, 2009

more clothes "swap"

i have yet to give anything to emily cuz she's too stylish and skinny (she can effortlessly pull off those really long over-the-knee boots, no biggie--yes it's true) but once again i've scored big big big time.
oh you're gonna be jealous--i'll go take a picture!!!   high-end clothes swap, non?

costume national. 
 i know, who am i? oh and i didn't pose my cat (HA!, like that's possible) in the picture.  aggie just gravitates toward italian shoes.  i also got two pairs of perfect shorts too.  emily-theresa, you are AMAZING.


  1. Thank you for making me feel like a local celebrity! Can I nominate you for Iron Chef?

  2. You traded for these?? I tried to buy a pair on gilt the other day and they sold out too fast.

  3. whoa, that emily is ridiculous good shopper. i tried to join revolve (or "reverse' or "rewind) and they kindly put me on the Waiting List---suh, whatever.