Monday, November 9, 2009

aww schnuck-ums!

My downstairs neighbor from last year and i became quick fun good friends-- a miracle, really! (i lived in that apt for like 8 yrs and never ever even TALKED to anyone downstairs, probably 6-7 tenants in that time--and it's only two apts, a two-level whatchamacallit.."two-family" home on a really nice street with great neighbors). when i first met her (on the stairs down to the basement--we were both doing laundry) we dove right in, talked about boys, gender wars, dating, dating paradigms based on business models---let's say we totally hit it off and pretty much stood there on the grody stairs for like an hour, with too much too discuss... anyway, i was really really lucky to have her as a friend. and i got so used to being so close-by, now it's hard to adjust in a big condo bldg w/ no april. yeah, i know. boo HOO!!! it's TRUE! (TROO) brian is an ARTIST, obviously--he like went to school for it and everything

this is all taking place at the st. louis artists' guild. i had never been there (though april and i lived like walking distance) ...'til friday's wedding bash for april and brian. i'm so glad they continued the celebration (brought it back home) cuz i missed what looked like the funnest wedding ever in colorado, near breckinridge in sept. silly job! silly opening week! like they need me!! seriously, come on!!

brian's mom, the vivacious lovely CONNIE

A P R I L !! she looks so pretty always!!! and she's super nice and gives great advice:

brian with some weirdo girl:

these are trompe l'oeil trippy-dippy CUPCAKES, people. brain-mouth confusion.

this is caroline, the only beautiful cool right-winger probably in the world:


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