Sunday, November 29, 2009

sounds like etsy! but real, live, real-life
this has more info.
tomorrow is the last day.  11-5 at third degree glass factory on delmar.  i hope to go cuz it looks real good. thank u jennifer nitchypoo, for the alert--
i just browsed quickly and wow look--

very amusing st. louis pics by Bill Michalski


  1. Did you go to the craft show? I went yesterday...It was cool but most people there didn't know what personal space was. I can't believe I survived this week without getting arrested for manslaughter...

  2. That sounds like an awesome event! Apparently there's a big etsy craft event in SF in a few wks called HANDMADE HOEDOWN, yeehaw! Also, I just made a pair of elf slippers like that for my sis. They're tres easy, even dummies like me can make.