Saturday, November 28, 2009

"The Future Distilled"--don draper eat ur heart out

wanna know what the FUTURE smells like?  i totally do! (i SO curious!!)
the liberal pinko-commie media approves:
"Nooka is one of the most delightful, perfectly complex, wearable woods I've ever smelled."
"This scent is a precision machine, smooth as glass, deep as time, startling in its functionality, captivating."
---Chandler Burr, new york times, **** (4 stars) means u will atract the hottest of the hot

EMI, if you read this, who writes this copy?  it is pure genius... beautiful, wonderful b.s.:
A synergy of scents, both familiar and foreign, instinctive and original, mental and physical, that come together as one. Japanese Yuzu sprinkled with pink pepper. Polished steel wrapped in vintage leather. This fusion of natural essences and synthetic accords creates the next generation of precious liquids, expressing each wearer's multi-faceted individuality.
a paradox in a bottle.  nooka's sub-title is MINDSTYLE®
you must agree that
this paragraph really brings it --without apology, fully confident of the velvety (DH) misterioso spells, the impact of its combo-pak undeniable allure (warm! seductive! yet cold! artificial!).  it loves you. it hates you. it wants you you hot thing.  it hates your stupid face. "I play the games with you" --it is The Scent that plays the games FOR you.  and WINS.  unlike your stupid ass.
"mental and physical"--a scent that's mentaloh maybe they mean..nostalgic, not the whiff of crushed prozac
"instinctive and original"--hey lysol and nutmeg smells like that hot guy at the gym, whoa dude
"next generation of precious liquids"--?  oh, maybe it's like, from japan.  or iceland.

ok, i really do need to go outside.  but quickly i must check where nooka is from---it better not be like,milwaukee...(no offense, i hear milwaukee is REALLy cool)...
oh! did i call it or what?  "Based in New York City [but] has offices in Tokyo"
this is awesome, sincerely--the page describing the design concept, the fusion of fashion and science, the universality/individuality fusion---well, obviously i'm a sucker, i just scribbled this whole post about it. somebody buy this and tell me it smells terrible.
oh  it's actually a watch company !! (no, it's much much's a philosophy, lifestyle, attitude)

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  1. i bet it smells like boy. which is good on a boy. so don't buy.