Wednesday, November 4, 2009

LE parker meridien

rm 2803 has a view of the park. i'd post a pic, but last time i tried that i lost all my pics on my camera. just imagine a partial view of the park...yeah, nice. i know!
is anyone coming to the concert tonight? it;s very watery.
i made a pilgrimage to 83rd and Park---isn't that where trudy ("lovely") and troubled-but-still-a-repugnant-ass pete campbell are getting an apartment? i like the cab ride when trudy is like, "WHen are they going to get rid of the Armory?" haha.
(i'm way behind in Mad Men btw. if you hadn't noticed. cuz i watched the first disc last year and i was like, yuck i feel stifled and depressed, but then i watched the 2nd disc this time around and it was so so so so good i can't believe it.
ok concert in an hour. bye.

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