Saturday, November 7, 2009

look it's like those photo-strips from those photo-booths! just turned out like that! happy about it!!

introducing Dennis DeSantis--[from his card:] Composer, Sound Designer, Percussionist, [and, not on his card:] Redyam. jumble: REDYAM. i am not afraid. to tell you. not. at. all. i just like the JUMBLE--makes me feel smart/smug.

can we get a tv show? he gets A++ in the quick-wit, quick-thinking, entertaining mind. also, i think he might be a good person, like non-trickster and non-mean and caring, open, honest...
if he reads this: this is my collage of bright-shiny memories my brain somehow preserved better than other stuff---- this is for you dennis, a brief tribute:
brought to you by my usu. lousy memory, spicy ramen, and 6 hours of john williams:
DETRITUS/"what up, G"/three's company moment/"Listen to the polyrhythms in this Sting song"--nodding like i knew what he was talking about/the coffee at mamoun's has SILT at the bottom/FINGER-only disapproval-wag, his signature (but was mine first)/very generous with shoe-compliments (even shoes u didn't think ppl would appreciate)/and of course "uh, just SUBDIVIDE [stupid]" humiliation/love-boat section (not)/i remember my mom being impressed by your public speaking--"very articulate, charming"(she was in town for brownian motion, whoa.. how long ago was that?)


  1. i LOVE these pictures. dennis and i were UNDERGRADS together, can you imagine how long ago THAT was? he was all of those good things back then too :>

  2. oh he's more than sum of good things; i want a d.desantis portable edition (not to objectify, but in the most holistic, complimentary, appreciative way)

  3. there's an app for that?